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Walk Like A Catwalk Model



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

While most people think that you do not need to be triathlete ready to walk a catwalk, most would be surprised that working a runway show simply isn’t about meeting up with a makeup artist, stylist, your publicist and then throwing on a pair of heals and working the runway. First, and foremost, you need an amply amount of confidence to face critics and decision makers of the runway world; and ample of confidence is also needed to strut your stuff in scantily dressed threads, where some models also surprisingly fear falling of the runway itself. The truth of the matter is that anyone can be catwalk ready and this includes just about anyone. Here are a couple of tips to walk the runway like a pro.

Chin down, eyes up

When a model is strutting his/her stuff on the runway, most incline to stare up at the ceiling, when in reality you are walking above the audience. Walking with your head tilting slightly down at the runway (imagine your chin hanging from an imaginary string tied to the ceiling), the audience will be able to better see your face. Last, keeping your chin slightly titled will angle your face and add a tad bit of welcomed attitude.

Don’t smile

As much as you are want to grin and do the inner-girl happy dance, because you received your first runway assignment, please think twice about this one. While your smile is probably picture perfect, smiling during a runway show is going to detract from the clothes, and let’s face it; it is the designer’s gig here. The rule of thumb is to look in the mirror and see what your natural look is. If your lips are slightly parted when relaxed, then go with that look on the runway. You want to appear as natural as possible and not forced, smiling or not and it doesn’t hurt to ask one of you fellow model friends what your expression looks like.

Stare ahead. Stay focused

One of the most important reasons as to why you want to do this, is so you do not trip on the runway. Everyone once and awhile, glance down at your feet to make sure you are walking confidently and are still on task. Pick a spot at the end of the runway and focus on this – do not look down and engage/look at your audience members, no matter how easy this is to do. When you focus on something that gives you purpose, it will reflect in your eyes.

Walking and posture – simplicity is key

As our grandmothers have said for years, stand up straight with your shoulders slightly rolled back. Grandma’s advice is key to both models and non-model’s alike. It is also importantly to keep your arms loosely relaxed by your side, your arms will naturally move with you when you walk and this natural motion is far better than non-relaxed, excessive swinging which is also quite distracting. Practice walking with high heels on. Yes, practice makes perfect here, especially if a model is not comfortable with spikey heels.


How To Care For Your Winter Skin



By Gritty Pretty

As winter settles in Down Under, the battle for healthy skin begins: biting winds, steamy showers, dipping temps, and drying indoor heat can suck the life right out of your skin and hair.

To keep your complexion hydrated, there are certain products you should introduce into your beauty regimen and some that you should put on pause.


COLD CURSER: Dehydrated skin cells turn over more slowly, causing a buildup of dead skin, which hinders light reflection. Circulation also gets sluggish — and just like that, your glow is gone and fine lines look more pronounced.

SOOTHING SOLUTION: Bolster your beauty from the inside out by drinking lots of water and loading up on omega-3s (essential fatty acids found in foods such as salmon and walnuts).

Your daily skin regimen should start with a milky, oil cleanser which contains fewer stripping surfactants than gel formulas do. And, follow with a cream or balm instead of a lotion. They’re richer and better at holding water in the skin. Look for those that contain emollients (nut butters or oils), humectants (hyaluronic acid or glycerin) and antioxidants (green tea or niacinamide). These richer face creams insulate the skin, which is key when you’re constantly going between the cold outside and the drying heat indoors.

Still feeling the chill? Add two drops of face oil – like Rosehip by Essano Certified Organic Rosehip Oil – and mix into your foundation. Your base will not only glide onto the skin but keep your face hydrated for hours. Winning.


COLD CURSER: If we were to personify winter worn hair, we’d probably describe it as dull, depressed, and apathetic. Plus, we know the side effects of dry hair (static cling, anyone?) make it extra hard to manage.

SOOTHING SOLUTION: Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner. Yes, silicones will lock down the outer cuticle layer and seal in moisture, however, if you prefer a silicone and sulfphate-free formula. Another option is to warm 2-3 drops of argan oil in the palms of your hands and smooth over ends while hair is still damp. Your mane will be full of shine post blow-dry. Cha-ching.


COLD CURSER: White flakes falling from an August sky: glorious. White flakes falling from a dry scalp: gross. Itching and flakes can be symptoms of both dandruff (a condition caused by a yeast-like fungus) and dry scalp (run-of-the-mill dry skin).

SOOTHING SOLUTION: Try a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. If they don’t soothe your scalp after a week, use an intensive-care product. (Part your hair down the middle and apply the mask to your exposed scalp. Make a new part every half inch and massage the oil in as you go, until your scalp is saturated. Wash after 15 minutes.) If flakes still persist, you have dandruff. Switch to a medicated shampoo containing pyrithione zinc. It will kill the fungus, and stop the itching and flakes in their tracks. Take that, dry scalp!


COLD CURSER: Too many hot showers and not enough body cream can make your skin resemble a desert. Sure, it might seem all too hard to moisturise on a cold winter’s morning but remember: arms and legs have fewer oil glands, so they tend to be drier and scalier than other parts, especially in the winter. If you’re going to moisturise your face, then the extra fifteen seconds spent moisturising your bod won’t kill you.

SOOTHING SOLUTION: Milk does you good — inside and out. The natural fats and lactic acid in moo juice can soften skin, lightly exfoliate, and soothe irritation. Draw yourself a nourishing bath by adding two cups of milk to warm (not hot) water. Soak for about 15 minutes, pat skin dry, and apply a milk-and-honey cream to boost the benefits.

Yes, I’m Straight



I have the best job in the world. I am around gorgeous women, I have the best stuff, I drive the fastest cars, and my gaming room would put most arcades to shame. But whenever I meet people, they always give me shit about my job and make these crazy assumptions about me – because I model.

Even my guys, whom I love hanging out with – can’t help giving me shit about it. Every single time we go out it’s the same thing:

Them: “Find any new boyfriends today?”

Me: “Nope, but I got to touch xxx breast today.”

Then we’d all start laughing and get back to our game of pool.

See, I don’t understand why there is the assumption that I have to be gay if I model. Do gay guys hold the monopoly on fashion or something? In my mind, a man is always supposed to be well-dressed. I’ve felt that way since I was a kid.

By high school, I noticed not all guys think like me. Most of the guys on the football team with me really couldn’t care at all about how they smelled or dressed. They’d wear t-shirts they found in the bottom of the locker and then bitch about why they got no play.

Me, on the other hand – I left practice ready for business. So, it wasn’t a coincidence that I dated every member of the cheerleading squad by the time I had graduated. The other guys hated me for that, but none of them made the mistake that I was gay… especially not after their girlfriends had anything to say about it.

It even works for the ladies. Most of the girls I work with know about my reputation, but sometimes I meet a new one who doesn’t. Different girl, same thing:

“So how long have you been modeling?”

“Did you always want to be a model?”

“Does your girlfriend like you being around so many girls all the time?”

Like a script, I say the same thing each time:

“A few years.”

“Nope, it just sort of happened.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Combine that with some direct eye contact, a few touches on their little model hands, and my ‘million-dollar smile’, and she’s on a mission to test my sexuality by the end of the day.

Shit works every time.

Some of the girls even brag about ‘turning me straight’. They believe it until the next girl does the same thing.

And they say I’m the asshole?

What’s funny is – my guys know this. Just like my wardrobe, they’ve never seen me with the same girl twice. (I rarely need to.) Yet, they always have jokes and like to make a big deal about how I make my money. Whatever, I get to work around a whole bunch of women every single day. Plus, I’m never lacking funds or females, and I’m pretty cool with that.

The Model Tool Kit



Ellen Hancock – A Not So Model Life
Instagram: @gypsy_revival

As a professional model there are several items that you are either expected to have in your tool kit, or I just don’t think you can survive without. Sure, the makeup artist or stylist may have some of these items for you on a job, but you should never expect them to. These items are a necessity, and should always be available, even if just in case. If you are a new model, these are the items you should invest in immediately.


You should always carry a makeup bag of essentials with you. You’ll have to do your own minimal makeup for castings, and you should always touch up right before you go inside. Also, every once in a while a makeup artists will bring a brand of makeup that I know will cause my skin to break out or get irritated, in which case I always nicely inform them of my allergy and ask them if they could please use my own foundation instead. I’m not going to recommend any specific brands here, because we all have different skin types. Just make sure you have some trusty quality products that you know work for you. Also be prepared with a non-greasy sunscreen if you are shooting outdoors, and apply before sitting in the makeup chair.

– Foundation
– Concealer
– Blush
– Mascara
– Powder (preferably translucent)
– Lip Balm
– Sunscreen


Stylists always make the most of a model’s shoe collection, as it is difficult to buy/return shoes due to the wear and tear that is inevitable on the soles. If you can invest in some nice shoes definitely do so. I always keep my modeling shoes in their boxes while in storage at home, and I try not to wear them except for castings and photoshoots so they stay as nice looking as possible. Also nice flats you can wear while walking to your castings and then shove in your bag are always a great idea to save your little tootsies from unnecessary fatigue. I basically don’t put my heels on until I’m about to walk into the building. You don’t have to buy super expensive shoes, but make sure they look like good quality pieces. Stores like DSW and TJ Maxx are great places to stock up so you aren’t paying full price.

– Black Pumps
– Nude Pumps
– Black Strappy Heels
– Nude Strappy Heels
– Nice Flats


Having your own jeans is a must. A dark wash skinny jean is the most flattering, and will show your figure at castings. To lug all your stuff around you should always invest in a big nice-looking bag with both short handles and a long shoulder strap. You’ll need a bag that looks stylish, but can also carry an extra pair of shoes and your portfolio. The added shoulder strap saves your arms when you have to trek long distances. Also, undergarments! You should have a variety!

– Dark wash skinny jeans
– Nude Strapless Bra
– Black Strapless Bra
– Nude Bra
– Black Bra
– Gel Petals (I always go for the gel instead of the fabric ones because you can wash and reuse)
– Large Chic Purse


You should basically have your portfolio with you at all times when you’re working. Even if you’ve already booked the job. Sometimes the makeup artist will want to look at your past work to get ideas of what looks best on you. I keep my portfolio on an iPad so I can have different galleries geared towards specific clients – i.e. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle. It’s also a lot faster and cheaper to update than trying to get prints made. When you are running all over the place you will get hungry, and sometimes finding a healthy and affordable snack is hard to do. I always keep some nuts or a healthy snack bar in my bag! Finally, if you are a human being your feet will probably get tore up from the uncomfortable shoes you are shoved into on a regular basis. I always keep little pieces of moleskin adhesive cloth in my kit so I can wrap up my toes before putting tight heels on. It’s a life-saver, especially if you are working long events!

– Portfolio
– Healthy Snack
– Water
– Moleskin Adhesive Cloth


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